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/ Main / Parks of Odessa

Parks of Odessa


T.G. Shevchenko's Park



T.G.Shevchenko central culture and recreation park was founded in 1840. It borders with Marazliyevskaya and Uspenskaya streets and Lidersovskiy boulevard.  

The mound with the Alexander's column (near Black sea port and navigation authority) is partly situated oin the Turkish Khadjibey and Odessa fortress former location.  
There is placed the  Walk of Fame with the graves of the ones having liberated Odessa from the Nazi invaders, the monument to the Unknown Sailor with the eternal flame burning, the monument to Shevchenko (from Marazliyevskaya str. side), the obelisk of the warriors of Afghanistan.
The countless ways will lead you directly towards the sea, to "Langerone" beach. Here, the famous Health Route.
A dolphin center is situated on the "Langerone" beach. 


Preobrazhenskiy park  


 Preobrazhenskiy park (former Illyich park) was opened in May 1937 and was built on the First Christian cemetery former location. But still it is the historical part of the city. The park borders with Moldavanka distrisct and Privoz. Odessa zoo is situated rather close to the park.



Gorky culture and recreation park


Gorky culture and recreation park green zone laying begun in 1961 with the help of city green zone trust and the city community. The park itself was founded in 1973. There are over 6000 trees on its territory. There are also placed monuments to Gorky and the victims of the Nazi invaders. The park has many attractions, playgrounds, slides and game centers for children, a cinema, a football field, a skating rink and tennis courts. 

Victory park



Victory Park - a park-monument of landscape architecture. The author is the landscape architect M. Ya. Sereda. The total area of ​​the park is almost 50 hectares. The total length of water bodies is 700 m. The artificial landscape is represented by slides and ponds, small islands connected to the coast by bridges. Among the usual pines, maples and oaks there are many rare tree species such as Lebanese cedar, ash trees, berry yews, various species of juniper, ginkgo biloba, metasequoia, hornbeam, kelreteria, bird cherry-laurel. Among the shrubs - barberry, spirea, snowberry, cotoneaster, cotinus coggygria. Located in the resort area of ​​Arcadia. It borders with Shevchenko Avenue, Varlamov Street, Marshal Govorov Street, Champagne Lane.






Dyukovsky Garden



Dukovsky Garden (56, Raskidailovskaya Street) is the oldest park in Odessa, which founded by the order of Duke de Richelieu, as a part of his summer residence in 1810. From the main entrance leads an alley, which turns into a staircase with platforms from which side alleys depart. There is a large oblong pond (200 by 50 m) with an island, powered by a fresh key flowing out of the slope. The main alley-staircase leads to a vast central square with a large stone pavilion and several other buildings behind it, changing their destination at different times.

Savitskiy Park

Savitsky Park (Melnitskaya St., 32-B) is located at the intersection of Vasil Stus and Dalnitska streets. Earlier in this area was located Savitsky estate with a garden and two ponds. In 1984, the park was declared a park-monument of landscape architecture. In the park there is a summer cafe, a winter cafe, a summer dance floor, a summer sports ground and a pond. There are held activities for recreation and entertainment for children and adults.


Istanbul Park


Istanbul Park had been opened on May 26, 2017 and became popular recreation place for citizens and visitors of Odessa. Its opening was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of sister-city relations between Odessa and Istanbul. This is one of the best green recreation areas in Odessa. There are many benches, flower beds, sports and children's playgrounds in the park. There are installed CCTV cameras to ensure the safety of tourists in the park.



Odessa botanic garden

Odessa Botanic garden is situated on the French boulevard, 48/50. This is Odessa National I.I.Metschnikov University's garden. 
The first tree in the garden was planted by Alexander Langerone, and not long after it has been already shady enough.
Today there are over 3000 species of different age “living” at 16 ha area of Odessa National University Botanic Garden of French blvd. And the “population” increases each year. For over 190 years, a magnificent collection has been gathered and delivered here from the different corners of the world. In the park, one can explore the origin of trees and flowers looking at the plates near them. Everyone can come here with a guided tour or by himself. 




City Garden


The City Garden is located in the very heart of Odessa, adjoining the main street of the city - Deribasovskaya. This is a small but very beautiful park-garden with a music pavilion-rotunda, where in the summer evenings live music concerts are often held. In the City Gardenis is also located a picturesque fountain, many shops, a monument to Utyosov, a sculpture to Ilf and Petrov, and the famous "Tree of Love" - a favorite place for photo shoots of lovers. The City Garden is considered the most popular meeting and recreation place in Odessa for citizens and visitors.


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