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01.04.2016 13:20
Another one Odessa sight - a grotto in the Istanbul park will be restored
Representatives of the city authorities and Turkish company, which won the tender on improvement of "Istanbul" park in Odessa, spoke in details about the works envisaged by the project during the conference. Photo More

31.03.2016 12:16
Little citizen of Odessa will be treated in the sister city of Regensburg
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov: In hard times for our nation, we accept the assistance of sister city Regensburg, which fully paid the treatment for small Odessite, with great gratitude More

31.03.2016 12:03
Children of internally displaced persons and ATO members will spend spring holidays in Germany
23 pupils from resettled and ATO members’ families who live in Odessa will take health improvement in the sister city of Regensburg More

31.03.2016 11:54
Odessa tourism potential was represented for tour operators from Belarus
Belarusian tour operators got acquainted with the tourism potential of Odessa as the city for year-round visits, as well as were informed of the planned festivals and cultural events More

30.03.2016 18:02
Baby boom in Odessa Zoo continues. Photo

Rare species of Odessa zoo inhabitants - a pair of eagle owls - were born two baby birds

30.03.2016 17:49
Odessa and Tallinn will be connected by direct flight
From May 27 weekly flights Odessa - Tallinn will be carried out from Odessa International Airport

30.03.2016 17:43
The issues of cooperation with Switzerland discussed in Odessa City Council
Vice-Mayor of Odessa Pavel Vugelman met with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Swiss Confederation in Ukraine Mr. Guillaume Shoyrer. Photo More

30.03.2016 17:40
The questions of cooperation with Germany discussed in Odessa City Council
The deputy mayor of Odessa Pavel Vugelman met with the delegate of the German economy in Ukraine, Mr. Alexander Marcus. Photo More

30.03.2016 17:36
Representatives of Odessa tourist industry are invited to the international exhibition in Beijing
Representatives of the tourist industry in Odessa have an opportunity to participate in the international exhibition of outbound tourism in China COTTM

24.03.2016 11:17
The opening of the first Ukrainian branch of China Metallurgical Corporation is planned to be in Odessa
The meeting with representatives of China Metallurgical Corporation was held in Odessa City Council More

23.03.2016 11:23
Development of local democracy discussed in Odessa City Council
Vice-Mayor of Odessa Pavel Vugelman met with the Secretary General of the European Association of Local Democracy Agencies Antonella Valmorbida. Photo More

22.03.2016 11:12
The works on improvement of Istanbul Park in Odessa were started. Photo
The works on improvement of «Istanbul» Park in Odessa were started. Now there take place preparatory works: dismantling of worn asphalt surface, decorative elements and parapets. Photo More

21.03.2016 17:06
The festival Humorina 2016 to be in Odessa
Organizers of the three-day festival «Humorina-2016» told about the peculiarities of this year ‘s laughter Day celebrations during the briefing at Odessa City Council More

11.03.2016 18:21
The tourism potential of Odessa once again was presented at the International Exhibition in Berlin
Odessa took part in the International Tourism Exhibition ITB-Berlin 2016 More

09.03.2016 15:59
The day of Taras Shevchenkos birth celebrated in Odessa
The ceremony of laying flowers at the monument to the Great Kobzar was held in Odessa on occasion of Taras Shevchenko’s birth. Picture story More

04.03.2016 12:33
Six schoolgirls from Odessa will present Odessa region at the International Olympiad in Polish language and literature
Pupils of the school number 121 will present Odessa at the national stage of International Olympiad in Polish language and literature in Khmelnytsky More

02.03.2016 13:41
Madam Odessa contest to be held in Odessa for the Womens Day
On March 5, «Madam Odessa 2016» contest to be held in Ukrainian Theatre. Any female citizen of Odessa can take part in it regardless of age, height, weight and profession More

02.03.2016 13:21
Famous Odessa chess player Vladimir Tukmakov is 70 years old
Famous Ukrainian grandmaster and Olympic champion Vladimir Tukmakov from Odessa celebrates his 70th anniversary More

29.02.2016 14:15
The park Istanbul in Odessa is planned to be connected with the Park Lunniy by the passage under Potemkin Stairs
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov held an expanded meeting on improvement of Park "Istanbul". Photo More

25.02.2016 17:04
Young Odessite became the winner of European Taekwondo Club`s Championship
The pupil of Odessa sport school number 7 Alexander Demchuk won the prize among cadets at the European Taekwondo Club's Championship More

20.02.2016 19:27
In Odessa paid tribute to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred. Picture story
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov took part in the ceremony, which was held in memory of killed during the Revolution of Dignity. Picture story More

19.02.2016 12:48
The Mayor of Odessa met with the Ambassador of France in Ukraine
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation with the French delegation headed by Ambassador of France in Ukraine, Ms. Isabelle Dumont during the meeting. Photo More

18.02.2016 13:12
The first completion in Odessa zoo for 2016 year
Inhabitants of Odessa Zoo Cameroonian goats Sery and Krasulia have opened the breeding season - two kids were born in the zoo More

16.02.2016 19:20
In Odessa met Sino-Ukrainian spring
Odessa students and schoolchildren visited the festival dedicated to the Sino-Ukrainian cooperation in the field of education and culture More

16.02.2016 13:02
The memory of soldiers-internationalists honored in Odessa. Photo
The ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers at the monument to soldiers-internationalists was held in Taras Shevchenko’s park on occasion of the 27th anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Photo More

09.02.2016 20:05
Renovated collection of Eastern Art was opened in Odessa museum. Photo
Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art presented 60 new pieces of Art from China, Japan, Mongolia, India, Iran and the other Asian countries. Photo More

08.02.2016 18:02
Czech Airlines provides flights from Odessa International Airport
Direct flights Odessa - Prague - Odessa will be operated from Odessa International Airport for three times a week More

02.02.2016 11:44
Workshop on Regional Tourism Development to be in Odessa
On 4 February in Odessa will present the main directions of cooperation in business, educational and scientific areas of the tourist business in the Black Sea Region within the European grant project More

01.02.2016 11:32
Holocaust victims memory honored in Odessa. Photo
Odessites honored the memory of the Holocaust victims by laying flowers at the monument to the "Road of Death". Photo

25.01.2016 11:55
The Turkish side presented its vision of Istanbul Park improvement in Odessa
The Turkish side from the sister city of Istanbul has presented its vision of the «Istanbul» Park improvement in Odessa during the meeting with the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov. Photo

22.01.2016 15:18
Odessa celebrates the Day of Ukraine`s Unity. Photo
On January 22, Ukraine celebrates the Unity Day. In Odessa was held a solemn ceremony of laying flowers to Taras Shevchenko monument. Picture story More

21.01.2016 16:27
New family in Odessa Zoo: Amur tigers named Tiger and Natalie
Amur tigers named Tiger and Natalie came on a walk together for the first time. Photo More

20.01.2016 17:46
The best Christmas decorations of facades and storefronts in Odessa
In Odessa summed up the results of competition among enterprises and organizations for the best Christmas decoration of facades and storefronts More

18.01.2016 17:24
Heavy snowfall is in Odessa. Picture story
City authorities along with indifferent residents of Odessa eliminate the consequences of the heavy snowfall. Photo from the snowy streets of Odessa More

12.01.2016 12:44
The Day of Romania culture to be in Odessa
The musical and literary gathering devoted to the Day of Culture of Romania and the birthday of outstanding Romanian poet, writer and playwright Mihai Eminescu to be on January 15th at Vorontsov Palace More

11.01.2016 17:05
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov held a meeting on the improvement of Istanbul Park
A working meeting on the improvement of Istanbul Park was held in Odessa City Council. Photo More

06.01.2016 12:28
Snowy charm of Odessa. Picture story
Odessa is on the eve of Christmas. Pictures of the winter fairy tale More

06.01.2016 11:30
Odessa in snow. Picture story
Pictures from the snow-covered streets of Odessa More

05.01.2016 13:01
Odessa City Council: improvement of Istanbul Park goes into action
The vice-mayor of Odessa Vyacheslav Shandryk met with experts of the Turkish company, which will improve «Istanbul» Park More

04.01.2016 12:33
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov congratulated newborns who were born on the first day of the New Year. Photo
A girl born in the hospital 1 was the first child born in Odessa in the new year. Photo More

04.01.2016 11:36
Odessa celebrated New Year 2016. Picture story from the holiday by the main Christmas tree of the city
Thousands of citizens and guests of Odessa celebrated New Year at the Dumskaya Square. Big picture story More

28.12.2015 13:19
The open-air restaurant at Primorsky Boulevard welcomes citizens and guests of Odessa
The fair-outdoor restaurant at Primorsky Boulevard was opened to the New Year holidays More

25.12.2015 19:39
The Mayor of Odessa met with the newly appointed Ambassador of India
The mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov discussed the prospects of international cooperation with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Ukraine Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti during the meeting. Photo More

25.12.2015 14:33
Folk Christmas tree was set in the heart of the city. Photo
Christmas event «Folk Christmas Tree» was held in Odessa City Garden. There will also  be held a charity event «Folk Christmas celebrations» on January 6-7. Photo More

25.12.2015 13:50
Ukrainian Father Frost will arrive in Odessa on December 28
New Year holiday with Ukrainian Father Frost and special cancellation of stamp will take place in Odessa Central Post Office on December 28 More

24.12.2015 16:27
New Year performance was presented in Odessa Literary Museum
Festive New Year's performance was performed by the pupils and teachers of Odessa children's art school. Picture story from the Literary Museum More

21.12.2015 19:36
Christmas gingerbread city to be built in Odessa
From 4 to 10 January an exhibition of gingerbread houses to be in Odessa. Baking lovers, restaurants and cafes, businesses, museums, small businesses and large enterprises are invited to participation More

21.12.2015 17:49
St. Nicholas Day celebrated in Odessa. Photo
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov took part in the holiday program for the St. Nicholas Day and gave a start to the New Year celebration. Photo More

18.12.2015 20:56
Odessa Muslims celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov took part in a solemn event dedicated to the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. Photo More

18.12.2015 20:24
The Mayor of Odessa congratulated children from large families on the New Year holidays. Photo
Performance for children from large families was organized in the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater under the patronage of the Mayor. About 1,500 children received sweet gifts. Photo More

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