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Italian Navyís destroyer visited Odessa. Photos

Destroyer of Italian Navy, Luigi Durand de la Penne has been moored to Odessa Port

Destroyer of Italian Navy, Luigi Durand de la Penne is in Odessa from 4 to 7 September. The ship left Taranto on August 11, made a stop in Piraeus, and after leaving Odessa on the morning of September the 7th it will go to Varna (Bulgaria) and Aksazu (Turkey). The ship will return to Italy at the end of September.

The entry into the water area of Odessa port was the planned stop in the route of second-year cadets of Italian Navy Academy. There are 88 cadets on board of the ship. Thanks to the many systems of the vessel and its complex structure, staying on board of destroyer "Durand de la Penne" gives them an excellent opportunity to gain additional knowledge, as well as get their first practical experience of being on the warship.

In order to deepen cooperation that exist between the two countries, there were held activities, including cultural ones that allowed cadets to get acquainted with the rich history of Odessa, inextricably linked with the sea. As part of the ship’s visit to Odessa a protocol meeting of the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov with Italian delegation led by the commander of the ship Luigi Durand de la Penne, Captain of the 1st Rank Fabrizio Rutteri was held in Odessa City Council.

The citizens and guests of Odessa had an opportunity to have a tour by Destroyer of Italian Navy, Luigi Durand de la Penne from 4th to 6th of September.

The ship Luigi Durand de la Penne was launched on October 20, 1989 and became a part of Italian Navy on March 18, 1993. Armament systems and detection locators allow air defence to be deployed at medium and short range, and intercept naval and land targets beyond the horizon. The equipment is supplemented by locators of submarine detection. 




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