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/ Main / News / New names of famous Odessites were opened on the Alley of Stars. Picture story

Placed: 04.09.2017 10:40:14

New names of famous Odessites were opened on the Alley of Stars. Picture story

The Alley of Stars in Odessa was replenished with six new names of famous countrymen on occasion of the City Day. Picture story

New names have appeared on the Alley of Stars in Odessa on occasion of the City Day celebration on September 2, 2017.
Commemorative stars immortalized the names of six Odessites known to the whole world, round dates from the birth of whose are celebrated this year. They are:
Ilia Ilf - 120 years;
Evhen Petrov - 115 years old;
Valentyn Kataiev - 120 years old;
Konstiantyn Paustovskyi - 125 years old;
Kyriak Kostandi - 165 years old;
Valerii Obodzinskyi - 75 years old.

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov took part in the opening ceremony.
Relatives of famous Odessites, whose names are imprinted on the Alley of Stars, were given memorable signs.
The Alley of Stars has been opened in Odessa on September 2, 2014. By the 220th anniversary of Odessa founding the first six names were opened: the first nameplate was in honour of the city itself - the star "Odessa".



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