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/ Main / News / The City Day of Odessa will be celebrated on a large scale. Program

Placed: 30.08.2017 16:54:15

The City Day of Odessa will be celebrated on a large scale. Program

Odessa is preparing for the City Day: festivals ("Red City", arts and crafts, "Odessa Light Fest"), concerts in the parks of the city, projects in museums, gala concert on Potemkin Stairs and the other festivities

This year festivities dedicated to the City Day will last till September 3.

The 5th Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art was opened on August 28 in the Museum of Modern Art. Within the framework of the art forum, 50 works by authors from different countries will be shown on the sites of Odessa museums.

On August 30, 2017 in the Museum of the Holy Archangel Michael Monastery will take place the project "Constantinople - Istanbul - Odessa: the connection of times and generations." It is a cultural action, consisting of a concert program and an exhibition of works by Odessa photographers, telling about the centuries-old spiritual ties of Kievan Rus and Byzantium, Ukraine and Turkey, Odessa and Istanbul.

On August 31 in the City Garden will take place a concert of Ukrainian composer pianist virtuoso, Hollywood Prize-winning improvisator Eugene Khmara, accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of the Odessa Philharmonic.

More than 400 unique photographs depicting Odessa during the late XVIII - mid-XXI centuries will be presented on September 1 at the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art in the framework of the project "Odessa in Old Photos".

On September 1 in the City Garden will also take place a concert. There will perform: the band "Jam Band" and the collectives of national minorities - the youth folklore ensemble "Zoretsvit", the dance group "Ludo-mlado", the folk group "F-sharp" and the others.

The II Odessa Light Fest will take its start on September 1. Within three days Odessa citizens and visitors will be able to observe the light interactive show, during which the central buildings and historical sights of the city will turn into unique artistic and light objects.

A concert in memory of Yuri Kuznetsov with the participation of the Odessa National Philharmonic Orchestra will be held in the City Garden on September 3.

The main festivities to the City Day will be held on September 2.

They will be started on the Dumskaya Square with a grand opening ceremony (10:00). On this day, flowers will be laid at monuments to the founders of Odessa.

Within the City Day, on September 2, in T.G. Shevchenko’s Park will be realized the project "USAID Town". This is information fair where USAID representatives talk about their activities in a certain city and in the surrounding territorial communities. The guests will be able to get professional advice on energy efficiency, learn about the sources of clean energy and its application, develop projects to improve the urban infrastructure, opportunities for participation in the lawmaking process, decentralization reform in Ukraine, etc.

Various games will be organized for children such as designing and operating mechanisms with the help of clean energy sources, fun workshops for creating paper mills, drawing competition "My Beautiful City" and the others.

A project “German Tram” will be presented in Odessa on the City Day, on September 2, 2017. The presentation of the project is timed to the anniversary of construction of the tram electric line which connected the residents of the German colony of Lustdorf with Odessa. Festively decorated tram with ethnic Germans dressed in national costumes will arrive from Lustdorf to Starosennaya Square at 10:30. Here the guests will be able to enjoy national cuisine, a concert by creative teams of German societies from different regions of Ukraine. Here will also be held master classes and exhibitions of arts and crafts.
This Day at Odessa Alley of Stars will be festively opened new names.

On the City Day the new exposition will be presented in the Museum-Apartment of Leonid Utesov, and will be held the opening of the stele by the sculptor Mikhail Reva in the Greek park of Odessa.

On September 2 in the City Garden will also perform the municipal philharmonic orchestra of Amphilochia (Greece).
Gala concert on the Potemkin Stairs will be the largest and most spectacular event of the City Day.
Celebrating the City Day will end with colourful fireworks.


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