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/ Main / News / Diplomats have congratulated pupils of Odessa special school

Placed: 13.06.2017 12:57:34

Diplomats have congratulated pupils of Odessa special school

Pupils of the Special School number 75 have received congratulations and gifts from representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Odessa

Representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Odessa have visited the festival in Odessa special school number 75 and congratulated the pupils on the International Children's Day.
The performance by children with special educational needs was the bright start of the holiday. Guests of the holiday enjoyed the exhibition of pupils’ creative works called the "Treasury of Children's Talents", and watched the musical "Mother's Love", performed by the school experimental theatre.
Pupils of Odessa school number 118 have prepared a joint project-presentation about the history of the house on the street Sadovaya, 4, where Odessa special school number 75 is located now.
The guests have donated valuable gifts which are necessary for development of pupils' talents.
At the end of the holiday each guest received a gift - a tulip made of coloured paper by hands of pupils of the school.
The festive event was attended by representatives of the Consulate General of Belarus, Greece, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, the People's Republic of China; European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine; The French Cultural Center Alliance Française; Honorary Consulates of the Federal Republic of Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Syrian Arab Republic; GfE (Gesellschaft für Entwicklung), national-cultural society "Polish note"; Odessa Zoo; Central City Library named after I. Franko, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies; The company ARKAS; Secondary school № 118.
Odessa Special School number 75 has been operating since 1929.
In 2009, the school was included in the experimental work of the regional level on: "Socio-psychological rehabilitation of children with special educational needs through vocational training". The implementation of this project makes it possible for graduates to find work after school or to continue their education in special groups of secondary schools (taking into account personal interests and psychophysical opportunities, etc.).




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