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/ Main / News / The heart of Honorary Citizen of Odessa stopped beating

Placed: 15.12.2016 11:33:28

The heart of Honorary Citizen of Odessa stopped beating

Odessa City Council grievously announces the death of Honorary Citizen of Odessa Ms. Susanne Sawari-Polidori


The heart of Honorary citizen of Odessa, member of French Society of Artists and the public figure Ms. Susanne Sawari-Polidori stopped beating on the 87 th year of life.

The Mayor of Odessa, members of Odessa City Council and its Executive Committee express sincere condolences to the relatives of Ms. Susanne Sawari due to bereavement.

The memory about the years of selfless assistance to Odessa and Susanne Sawari’s contribution to the strengthening of cultural and artistic ties of Odessa and France will remain in the hearts of grateful citizens of Odessa forever.

* * * *
Friendship of Susanne Sawari with Odessa began in 1969 with an introduction to the teachers of Odessa State University named after I.I. Mechnikov. Her painting "Bouquet of Friendship" was the first gift from Madame Sawari to Museum of Western and Eastern Art. She has been cooperating with Odessa for more than 40 years and for this time Susanne Sawari gave the Museum of Western and Eastern Art collection of her paintings (16 paintings), more than 120 works of applied art, as well as more than 2,000 copies of the books, albums and magazines. There were no these rare books on art history, valuable directories, encyclopaedias in the libraries of Odessa nor in Ukraine.


Almost all the city's museums have received valuable copies of books as a gift from Susanne Sawari. She gave rare copies of books by Babel, Paustovsky, Ilf and Petrov, translated into French on the 200th anniversary of the Literature Museum. Navy Museum has received a two-volume encyclopaedia on the history and construction of sailing ships and modern schooners. Central library has expanded its collection by 800 valuable books, magazines, newspapers, and two valuable paintings.



Madame Susanne, who was a violinist in the past, reacted with great attention to the needs of Odessa Conservatory. A separate "Sawari Fund" with vocal, string and piano works was established in the library of conservatory. In addition, the philanthropist organized several visits of teachers to France and Luxembourg Conservatory.
Susanne Sawari also gave lists and photos of the soldiers of our country, who died in Lotharingia (Lorraine) to specialized school number10. She found Atlas of our soldiers’ graves who died during the First and Second World Wars in France. The Atlas was transferred to the regional councils of the world.

Susanne Sawari organized an exhibition of Odessa sculptor Alexey Ryzhov with his gemma "Sorrow of Chernobyl" and the artist-ceramist Dina Klyufgant in the International Academy (Paris). Both works were awarded silver medals.

Susanne Sawari organized a charity tour by France for the Chamber Ensemble "Renaissance" in 1998. Soloists of Odessa Philharmonic gave several concerts in the department of Lorraine, and then in Luxembourg. Totally there were held seven concerts in different cities. Sawari organized the sending of humanitarian support to Odessa in France in 1998.

Grateful citizens of Odessa collected signatures under the appeal to the mayor on assignment the status of Honorary citizen of Odessa to Madame Susanne Sawari-Polidori.

On September 14, 1999 French-philanthropist has received the most honourable title of Odessa - the title of honorary citizen.




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