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/ Main / News / Odessa school with intensive study of Hebrew and Informatics was named after Zhabotinski

Placed: 03.10.2016 14:33:38

Odessa school with intensive study of Hebrew and Informatics was named after Zhabotinski

Gennadiy Trukhanov: the citizens of Odessa honor their history, which is evidenced by the perpetuation of the names of famous countrymen

The ceremony of awarding the name of Vladimir Zhabotinski to the educational institution was held within "Zhabotinski Days in Odessa". The festive events were organized by Israeli cultural center in Odessa which is under the control of the State of Israel’s Embassy in Ukraine,

The event was attended by the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov, First Secretary of the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine, Director of the Israeli cultural center in Odessa Dr. Boleslav Yatvetsky, the family of Vladimir Zhabotinski, representatives of the Institute of Zhabotinski in Israel, and the other guests of honor.

Boleslav Yatvetsky noted the close relations of Odessa and the State of Israel from the time of its founding, emphasizing that it is in Odessa was formed the nucleus of Jewish state’s founders among which was Odessa citizen Vladimir Zhabotinski.

Gennadiy Trukhanov noted that Odessa is Ukrainian cosmopolitan city, where in peace live over 100 nationalities. Odessites respect their international history, evidence of which is the perpetuation of the names of famous countrymen. The Alley of Stars which was opened in 2014 is one of examples of their respect. Among the other famous citizens of Odessa, there was also presented the star with the name of Vladimir Zhabotinski.




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