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/ Main / News / At the Alley of sister cities in Odessa appeared a gift from Regensburg. Picture story

Placed: 05.09.2016 11:43:13

At the Alley of sister cities in Odessa appeared a gift from Regensburg. Picture story

A bench from Regensburg in German style was installed on the Alley of sister-cities in Odessa and roses were planted there. Picture story

The Alley of sister-cities became a joint project of Odessa city authorities and leaders of sister cities. The Alley was founded last year in Lunniy Park.

The art object in Japanese style with planted climbing roses - the symbol of sister city of Yokohama was presented in this Odessa park one year ago.

In 2016 Regensburg set the bench made in the German style on the Alley.

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov together with the Lord Mayor of Regensburg, Mr. Joachim Wolbergs planted rose bushes of "Regensburg" sort around the bench.

The sister city of Lodz (Poland) took a kind of relay race by presenting an image of benches, which will be officially donated for t-*he next City Day as a symbol of friendship of Odessa and Lodz. 




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