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/ Main / News / Gifts for Odessa City Day: the monument to Grigoriy Marazli

Placed: 05.09.2016 11:23:39

Gifts for Odessa City Day: the monument to Grigoriy Marazli

The opening of the monument to Grigoriy Marazli - an outstanding governor, headed Odessa from 1878 to 1895 years was on the Greek Square in Odessa. The event was attended by the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov. Picture story

The opening of a bronze bust to the great governor of Odessa Grigoriy Marazli was 2 in the heart of the city - on the Greek Square on September 2, 2016.

Odessa regional community of Greeks named after G. G. Marazli initiated establishing a monument-bust to the famous mayor, a prominent philanthropist Grigoriy Marazli.

The mayor of Odessa handed honorary municipal award for contribution to the development of our city to the Greek businessman, philanthropist and the head of Odessa branch of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture Mr. Pantelis Boumbouras.

Mr. Pantelis Boumbouras pointed that he inspired with the active Odessa’s upgrading that takes place in the city for the last 2 years, and is willing to continue to participate in the development of Odessa. He noted that the Greek community has expressed readiness to build a school named after G. Marazli in Odessa and give it to the territorial bulk of the city in 2021.


Grigory Grigorievich Marazli (1831-1905) — Odessa Mayor (1878-1895), arts patron. He helped to build Odessa city library, theater, a lot of charitable and educational establishments, hospitals, post office, water-supply system, tram lines, markets, first stadium and many other buildings in the city.
The name of Marazli entered the history of Odessa at last third of the XIX century as a symbol of love for his hometown and is associated with charity and patronage.
In his honor was named the New Street in 1895. Today Marazlievskaya Street is one of the most beautiful streets of Odessa. Almost every building on the street differs by its architectural elegance; many of them have a great history.



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