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/ Main / News / Odessites streamed 25-meter flag of Ukraine on Potemkin stairs. Photo and video

Placed: 25.08.2016 09:55:44

Odessites streamed 25-meter flag of Ukraine on Potemkin stairs. Photo and video

In honor of the National Flag’s Day Odessites streamed 25-meter flag on Potemkin stairs. Photo and video

On August 23, 2016, Odessites solemnly raised and streamed a 25-meter flag on Potemkin stairs in honor of the Day of the State Flag. The action took place within the Vyshyvanka’s festival.

The ceremony of raising the flag is a traditional event of the festival. Every year the flag becomes longer for a meter, according to the age of independent Ukraine.

The flag-raising ceremony was attended by 70 people - a team of organizers of the festival volunteers and cadets of the Naval Lyceum. The action was accompanied by the orchestra of the Naval Forces.

The length of the flag is 25 meters, width - 12 meters. It has been sewn once again by the citizen of Odessa Nadezhda Zhukova. Organizers plan to alter the 25-meter flag on small ones and give them to the volunteers of the festival after the action.











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