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/ Main / News / Odessa was presented at the International Conference in Regensburg

Placed: 15.08.2016 15:48:59

Odessa was presented at the International Conference in Regensburg

Odessa pupils presented their favorite city and got acquainted with national culture and traditions of the sister city on International Youth Conference in Regensburg

The German sister city of Regensburg held the International Youth Conference in August 2016.

Young Odessa citizens participated by the invitation of the Lord Mayor of Regensburg Joachim Wolbergs in the conference which was held as part of sister city relations between the cities.
The conference was also attended by the delegation of pupils and students from the sister cities of Regensburg, Aberdeen (Scotland), Budavár (Hungary), Clermont-Ferrand(France), Tempe (USA), Pilsen (Czech Republic), Qingdao (China), Brixen (Italy ).

A group of 6 students and 1 teacher of Odessa educational establishments creatively presented the native city.

The boys performed a dance in traditional sea costumes, told about unique sights of Odessa, its culture and characteristics of Ukrainian youth’s life.

For five days, participants communicated with youth from the other countries, got acquainted with the history of sister city, participated in workshops and round tables where they exchanged ideas and views.

Also, the young inhabitants of Odessa took part in thematic workshops: "Youth. Plans for the future "," Youth and Fitness "," Youth. Growing up", "Favorite youth places to have a rest ".

Odessa schoolchildren were invited to the German families to get acquainted with national culture and traditions of the inhabitants of Regensburg more closely.

In addition, the children visited a bowling alley, where they informally met with the Lord Mayor of Regensburg, Mr. Joachim Wolbergs. And at the end of the conference Odessa schoolchildren had an official meeting with Mr. Joachim Wolbergs, politicians of the other sister cities of Regensburg.

The agreement on participation in the conference was reached between Odessa Mayor Gennadiy Trukhanov and Lord Mayor of Regensburg Joachim Wolbergs during the visit of German delegation to Odessa in April 2016.



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