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/ Main / News / XVI International Astronomical Gamow conference to be held in Odessa

Placed: 15.08.2016 09:33:53

XVI International Astronomical Gamow conference to be held in Odessa

More than 120 scientists from different countries will take part in the XVI International Gamow astronomical conference in Odessa on 15 -19 of August

The XVI International Astronomical Gamow Conference will be held in Odessa from 15 to 19 of August 2016. More than 120 scientists from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Israel and Italy informed about their participation in the conference.

The conference is dedicated to significant dates in the history of science: the 145th anniversary of the first (since 1871) Research institution of Odessa - Odessa Astronomical University’s Observatory foundation; 100th anniversary of scholars Shklovskii and Ginzburg.

The conference will cover topical issues and recent advances in the field of cosmology, astrophysics, radio astronomy, astrobiology, solar system exploration and solar-terrestrial relations. About 200 proceedings will be presented at the conference.

Opening of the conference will be held in the conference hall of the hotel "Grand Marine" on August 15 at 9.30. Later in this hall will be held plenary sessions till 17 of August. From 18 to 19 August plenary meeting will be held in the conference hall of the recreation center "Chernomorka".

* * *

145 years ago Odessa City Council has decided to establish astronomical observatory in the University of Odessa. By the same decision for the construction of the observatory was allocated territory of the former telegraph signal. Delays in funding however have led to the construction of the observatory only in 1870. The University with its Department of Astronomy has already been created in Odessa (1865) by this time.

Observatory was opened on the 3rd of August (15 August new style) 1871. It was constructed for the funds allocated by the public treasury (31,500 rubles) and the Odessa City Council (20 601 rubles). The observatory was part of the Department of Astronomy and was used for the first time as a base for educational works of the department, at the same time it was performing a number of city tasks: verification of navigation ship devices, controlling the work of the city proper clock and determining the time of switching the urban lighting.


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