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/ Main / News / European experts conducted trainings for representatives of tourist business in Odessa

Placed: 27.06.2016 09:11:13

European experts conducted trainings for representatives of tourist business in Odessa

130 representatives of Odessa tourism industry learned from European experts the rules of attracting tourists effectively

The leading European experts conducted trainings for representatives of tourism businesses and authorities of Odessa in the literary museum of the city.

The event was organized by Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council and Association "Regional competence center for the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea region" Cruise Black Sea (CBS). Trainings were held in the framework of the international project of the European Union - program TEMPUS "Creating a network of competence centers for development and support of tourism in the Black Sea region".

The training was attended by 130 representatives of tour agencies, restaurateurs and hoteliers from Odessa. Professor of Matej Bel University (Slovakia) Yana Kucherova conducted training on organization of management and destination management for professionals of the private and public sectors. The Head of Hotel and Restaurant Management course Wolfgang Fuchs (Baden-Württemberg State University, Ravensburg, Germany) gave recommendations for the hospitality industry: how to be better than the competitor. Senior member of EURAC Research from Bolzano (Italy) Manuel Demets told how to promote your business in the tourism market.


"It is very important us to make our tourist at the European level. Therefore, we have attracted European experts to share their experience in the development and promotion of tourism in the tourist market ", - said director of the department of culture and tourism of Odessa City Council Tatiana Markova.










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