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/ Main / News / Unique event - the birth of quintuplets took place in Odessa. Photo

Placed: 27.06.2016 09:04:12

Unique event - the birth of quintuplets took place in Odessa. Photo

An employee of Odessa municipal utility became mother for quintuplets - three boys and two girls. Photo

On June 24, 2016 in Odessa took place unique not only for our city, but also for Ukraine event – the woman from Odessa born five children together.

An employee of municipal utility "Information-analytical center of the city" Oksana Kobeletskaya became happy mum of quintuplets.
In Oksana’s family there is also three years-old daughter, who will be the older sister for three brothers and two sisters.

It was diagnosed the birth of quintuplets at the first ultrasound at the 8 week of pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy, the patient was under the constant individual and team-based care. Oksana received timely and adequate assistance in Odessa urban maternity hospital number 5. To save the pregnancy the mother was transferred in Odessa Regional Perinatal Center at the 26-27 week of her pregnancy. There the woman had caesarean-section delivery at the thirtieth week of pregnancy to save both her and baby’s lives.

Mother and kids get all the necessary medical care now.
Newborns also took prophylactic measures of respiratory disorders using surfactant.
Among the five twins there are three boys and two girls, the birth weight of whom is in proportion to1810 grams, 1190 grams, 1720 grams, 1250 grams and 1450 grams.
Oksana says that the family had already chosen names for little Odessites - Denis, Daria, Vladislav, Alexander and David.  












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