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/ Main / News / Another one Odessa sight - a grotto in the «Istanbul» park will be restored

Placed: 01.04.2016 11:20:32

Another one Odessa sight - a grotto in the «Istanbul» park will be restored

Representatives of the city authorities and Turkish company, which won the tender on improvement of "Istanbul" park in Odessa, spoke in details about the works envisaged by the project during the conference. Photo

Press conference on the improvement of "Istanbul" Park in Odessa held on March 22, 2016. Earlier in the park were started preparatory works: dismantling of old asphalt cover, parapets and decorative elements.

Answering journalists' questions, the Vice-Mayor Vyacheslav Shandryk noted that the total area of "Istanbul" park is 2.7 hectares. The project includes restoration of stairs, construction of 4500 square meters of granite paving, construction of retaining walls, organizing of venues for rest, sports and children's playgrounds. In addition it is planned the planting of flower beds and flower compositions which will be repeat the Turkey's national ornaments. There will be provided using energy-efficient lighting fixtures in the park.

It is also will be restored the main sight of the park - grotto. During the repair work it is planned to replace the fragments of destroyed natural stone, restore the bowl and provide water and light supply. The basis of the grotto will remain intact.

The head of the company «ASK Peyzaj Medikal Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi», which won the tender on improvement of "Istanbul" park in Odessa, Mr. Bajram Uludag said: "Globally, the park" Istanbul "in Odessa is the best-funded and ambitious project, which was planned by the leadership of Istanbul. "






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