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/ Main / News / The festival «Humorina 2016» to be in Odessa

Placed: 21.03.2016 15:06:57

The festival «Humorina 2016» to be in Odessa

Organizers of the three-day festival «Humorina-2016» told about the peculiarities of this year ‘s laughter Day celebrations during the briefing at Odessa City Council

The three-day festival «Humorina – 2016» will be held in Odessa from March 31 to April 3, 2016. These days in Odessa visitors and citizens will be able to enjoy a great variety of activities, among them - the open day at the «International Club of Odessites», humorous performances by creative teams of Odessa, «Clown-marathon» with clowns from 12 countries of the world, a procession of clowns and the other festive events.

Humorina will be held at several venues of the city, the main will be the city garden and the area near the monument to Duke, where the scene will be set.

It is expected that the City Garden will become a big stage, where will be organized an interactive presentation with participation of creative teams and guests. The celebratory installation «8 Wonders of Odessa», humorous photo zones, quests, and a lot of other festivities will be prepared to the Humorina. Party suits are not prohibited.

The opening of the festival will be held on March 31 at 13:00 in the House of clowns. On the same day it is planned to be a «Clown-marathon», which will bring together 25 teams from 12 countries of the world (Chile, Israel, Switzerland, Japan, Armenia, Spain, Poland, Belarus and the others).

Beginning is at 19:00. 



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