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/ Main / News / New family in Odessa Zoo: Amur tigers named Tiger and Natalie

Placed: 21.01.2016 14:27:43

New family in Odessa Zoo: Amur tigers named Tiger and Natalie

Amur tigers named Tiger and Natalie came on a walk together for the first time. Photo

Last autumn in Odessa Zoo was held the opening of spacious and comfortable enclosure for tigers, in which were settled tiger named Tiger and tigress Natalie. Tiger is the old resident of the zoo, and Natalie arrived in our city from the zoo in Rivne. It was important for tigers to accept each other and became friends to create a new tiger family.

Tigers gradually settled in the new place and get used to each other at a distance, saw each other, but still could not communicate - everyone was in their own individual space. They were on walk in general enclosure one after another.

And the last week was held the awaited meeting - Tiger and Natalie went for a walk together for the first time. The Zoo staff has high expectations that predators will like each other, form family and will please Odessites with the birth of little Tigers.

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