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/ Main / News / Odessa continues to cooperate with the sister city of Regensburg

Placed: 24.06.2015 18:14:56

Odessa continues to cooperate with the sister city of Regensburg

Odessa delegation headed by the Secretary of the City Council Oleg Bryndak held a number of important meetings with representatives of local government of the sister city of Regensburg

This year the signing of convention between the sister-cities of Odessa and Regensburg marks the 25th anniversary.


On June 19-20, 2015 in Regensburg (Federal Republic of Germany) was held a traditional festival "Bürgerfest" (Day of the City), which was attended by delegation from Odessa headed by the Secretary of Odessa City Council Oleg Bryndak. The delegation also included Deputy Mayor Vyacheslav Shandryk and the Head of Architecture and Urban Planning department Alexander Golovanov.

During the visit, Odessa delegation held a series of important meetings. In particular, were held discussions about the issues of further cooperation with Lord Mayor Mr. Joachim Wolbergs. Renewal of humanitarian assistance for displaced people from the ATO area and equipment transfer to the hospitals of our city were also discussed at the meeting. During the visit, was reached an agreement to send groups of children of Odessa soldiers who are currently on duty and defend the borders of Ukraine on vacation in Regensburg.

During the visit Odessa delegation was at the meeting - seminar with representatives of the departments and services of the municipality of Regensburg, responsible for cultural heritage. For Odessa, claiming for assignment the status of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, the experience of Regensburg, which received this status in 2006, is very valuable.





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