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/ Main / News / IBI-Rating agency confirmed the credit rating of the city of Odessa at uaA- level

Placed: 08.06.2015 14:11:11

IBI-Rating agency confirmed the credit rating of the city of Odessa at uaA- level

IBI-Rating agency informs about confirmation of the credit rating of Odessa at uaA- level assessing it as "stable"

IBI-Rating agency announced the confirmation of the credit rating of Odessa at uaA- level, assessing it as "stable".

Confirmed credit rating of Odessa is defined by the value of the city as economic center of the southern part of Ukraine, preserving most of the socio-economic development and the growth of some of them, a high level of fiscal capacity by the debt load, as well as high diversification of the revenue side of the budget.

By the results of the year, the revenues were higher than in previous year, which made it possible to support the budget sufficiency rate for one person at the level above the average of the other cities of Ukraine.

The city continues to cooperate with the international financial institutions and pay the loans which are directed to the development of urban infrastructure ahead of schedule.

On the investment rating may positively affect: the steady growth of the revenue part of the budget of Odessa, the surplus of all-Ukrainian indicators of social and economic development, depreciation of currency risks and the debt load of the city budget. Negative credit rating can be affected by: deterioration of budget revenues, reduced liquidity, the growth of debt, further deterioration of the political and economic situation in Ukraine, as well as the deterioration of the situation in the borrowing market, or restricting access to municipalities.

In the analytical research were used materials obtained from Odessa, including indicators of socio-economic development, the annual fiscal statements for the period from 2012 to 2014 and the first half of 2014 years, the targets of socio-economic development and the city's budget, and the other necessary internal information as well as information from public sources, which rating agency considers to be reliable.


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