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/ Main / News / IBI-Rating confirmed investment attractiveness of the city of Odessa at invA + level

Placed: 08.06.2015 11:55:27

IBI-Rating confirmed investment attractiveness of the city of Odessa at invA + level

IBI-Rating informs about confirming the rating of investment attractiveness of the city of Odessa at invA + (high investment attractiveness) level

BI-Rating confirmed the rating of investment attractiveness of the city of Odessa at invA + (high investment attractiveness) level.

The confirmed rating of Odessa is defined by the value of the city as economic center of southern Ukraine. The high natural-resource potential of the city is formed by favorable geographical position and favorable climatic conditions and creates competitive advantages and additional opportunities for investors. The city, as well as all Ukraine, it is specific the loyal environmental legislation with minimum restrictions. Existing environmental problems, which create some pressure on the development of the certain types of business and affect the living conditions, in the case of gain may affect the implementation of strategic development plans.

Consolidation of branches of local government, the high degree of engineering and transport infrastructure contribute to the persistence of high rates of economic development which have the potential for further growth in a number of sectors of the economy. The city has additional opportunities in the financial markets due to higher than in the other Ukrainian cities development of financial institutions and moderate debt load on the local budget. The possibility of the local budget to take part in co-implementation in the large-scale investment projects however is limited by the virtue of national specific nature. The local authorities have no substantial leverage to provide facilities to investors, and the strategy of building relations between the government and investors is not formalized.

The city is provided with institutions of health, education and culture, as well as has the objects of historical and cultural heritage, some of which are not only national, but also of international importance.

Positively on the investment rating may affect: improving the regulatory base and implementation of the basic programs of development the city, increasing the levels of income, stabilization and gradual improvement of the environmental situation, the modernization of infrastructure. Negatively on the investment rating may affect: claims made by investors on the activities of local authorities, the deterioration in the efficiency of enterprises and reduce the volume of investment, environmental degradation, and the further deterioration of the infrastructure.
In the analytical research were used materials obtained from Odessa, including indicators of socio-economic development, the annual fiscal statements for the period from 2012 to 2014 and the first half of 2014 years, the targets of socio-economic development and the city's budget, and the other necessary internal information as well as information from public sources, which rating agency considers to be reliable.


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