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/ Main / News / In the hero-city of Odessa lowered wreaths on the water in memory of the dead sailors. Picture story

Placed: 10.05.2015 17:55:08

In the hero-city of Odessa lowered wreaths on the water in memory of the dead sailors. Picture story

Sailors-frontiersmen paid tribute to fallen heroes, congratulated veterans and received state and departmental awards for meritorious service on the guard of Ukraine. Picture story

May 9, 2015 in honor of the victory over Nazism in Europe in the ships and boats parking of Odessa coast guard was held a solemn meeting. Sailors- frontiersmen paid tribute to the war heroes, laid flowers at the monument to Pavel Derzhavin and congratulated veterans.
After the meeting, the border boats went out to sea, where according to tradition, they paid tribute to fallen heroes, the defenders of the Motherland. The ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers in the waters of the sea was held at the same time with laying flowers at the monument to the Unknown Sailor.
In a sign of the continuity of generations a distant war veteran, soldier of ATO, who had just returned from the front, sailors- frontiersmen, who are serving directly for the protection of borders and the schoolchildren were standing in a row...

Sailors- frontiersmen honor the memory of the glorious deeds of heroes, worthy continue the traditions of the Motherland defenders, faithfully guarding our borders and being an example to conscious patriots.  




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