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/ Main / News / The delegation of Odessa City Council is on an official visit to the city of Marrakesh

Placed: 19.12.2018 16:20:11

The delegation of Odessa City Council is on an official visit to the city of Marrakesh

During the visit to the city of Marrakesh, the delegation of Odessa City Council discussed the mechanisms for establishing cooperation in the economic, cultural and tourist spheres. Photos

At the invitation of the municipality of one of the oldest cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, a delegation of Odessa City Council consisting of Vice Mayor Oles Yanchuk, member of Odessa City Council Executive Committee Oleg Loban and Director of Department of Economic Development Sergey Tetyukhin arrived in Marrakesh with a reciprocal visit.

Marrakesh, or the city of God, is one of the oldest cities in Morocco with a population of over a million people. The historical part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Today, Marrakesh, which has become the capital of the country, has been ranked second among African megalopolises after Johannesburg (South Africa) in the number of tourists.

The rapid growth in the number of tourists arriving in the country is caused by the competent implementation of the Morocco’s 2020 vision state tourism development program, which makes the concept of a “low tourist season” absent in Marrakesh. More than 10 million tourists visit the Kingdom of Morocco every year. The city is positioned primarily as a center of tourism for wealthy clients - this is facilitated by a large number of five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants and a developed high-level service infrastructure. And this experience of Marrakesh was the subject for Odessa delegation to study.

During the first day of the visit, the delegation of the Odessa City Council held business negotiations with Madame Aouathif Berdai, Vice-President of the Marrakesh Commune, responsible for decentralized cooperation and international relations, Director General of International Relations of the Marrakesh City Council, Abdelkrim Khatib responsible for public services as well as the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Marrakesh, Mohamed El Edrissi, during which they discussed mechanisms for establishing cooperation between Odessa and Marrakesh in economic, cultural and tourism spheres.

The delegation of the Odessa City Council also got acquainted with the experience of Marrakesh in science and higher education: visited the first Private University of Marrakesh (UPM) and Cadi Ayyad State University (UCA), held talks on student exchange opportunities and the development of internship programs for young specialists with the President (Rector) UPM by Mohamed Knidiry and Vice-Rector Madame Iflahen Fatima-Zohra.

The delegation from Odessa studied the experience of Marrakesh in solving gender and social problems of women in difficult living conditions, as well as solving the issue of employment of people with disabilities and low-income individuals, which the Dar Malma non-governmental organization is doing with great success.
On behalf of the Secretary-General of the municipality of Marrakesh Khalid El Fataoui there was a festive dinner in honor of the arrival of the Odessa delegation.

The delegation of the Odessa City Council continues its work.





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