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/ Main / News / Intercultural practice of Odessa was recognized as one of the best in the world

Placed: 19.12.2018 15:09:15

Intercultural practice of Odessa was recognized as one of the best in the world

The Council of Europe has identified 39 best initiatives among 127 cities. One of the best practices of intercultural interaction is the creation of the Greek and Istanbul parks in Odessa

In 2017, when Odessa was represented at the meeting of the participants of the Council of Europe's Intercultural Cities Program (ICC)in Lisbon (Portugal) the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov spoke about practices that vividly demonstrate the interculturality of our city and tolerance of each other’s faiths, cultures and nationalities living in the city.

An example of how Odessites see the world is the comparison of the cultures of the two countries - Turkey and Greece - in a harmonious public atmosphere on the slopes of Primorsky Boulevard.

Having Strengthening relations with the governments of Turkey and Greece, Odessa provided each country with the opportunity to build a national park, symbolically combining them with a tunnel under the Potemkin Stairs.

On December 18, 2018, taking as a base the reports of participants of last year’s meeting, the Council of Europe has recognized the practice of our city in creation “green representations” of friendly countries one of the best in the world, putting the experience of Odessa’s intercultural interaction on par with Montreal, Geneva and Madrid. This model has been proposed to develop a global strategy and implement a new model for managing cultural diversity for rallying society, democracy and respect for human rights.

In total the Council of Europe has identified 39 best intercultural initiatives among the 127 cities participating in the Intercultural Cities Program (ICC).

Odessa received a preliminary agreement to hold the next meeting of the participants of the program “Intercultural cities” of the Council of Europe in autumn 2019.


Since 2017, Odessa has become a member of the National Network of Intercultural Cities, which is part of the Council of Europe's International Intercultural Cities Program (ICC).
The Council of Europe is an international organization founded in 1949 that promotes cooperation between 47 states in the field of standards of law, human rights, democratic development, legality and cultural interaction.
Intercultural Cities (ICC) is a Council of Europe’s Program that supports intercultural cities in developing strategies, governance mechanisms and policies, as well as the embodiment of a new management model for (ethno) cultural diversity and intercultural integration. To date, 127 cities participate in the ICC, among them Paris, Tokyo, Montreal; more than 30 countries, among which: Japan, Korea, Canada, Mexico.


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