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/ Main / News / Gennadiy Trukhanov: We want it to be fashionable in Odesa to be a kind and sympathetic person

Placed: 31.10.2018 10:57:23

Gennadiy Trukhanov: We want it to be fashionable in Odesa to be a kind and sympathetic person

The meeting of pupils and teachers of Odesa schools with the world-famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic took place in Odesa. Picture story

On October 30, 2018, the world-famous motivational speaker Nick Vujicic visited Odesa.
As part of the program of events, Nick met with pupils and teachers of Odesa schools. The lecture was devoted to faith in yourself, your dream and attitude towards other people.

I do not care how much work you will have, how much you will receive, I will love you as you are. Where did this love come from? It came from school, where were people who treated me badly, did not love me. Awareness came much later: I did not lose anything from a bad attitude towards myself, and they lost - a good friendship. The point is not how you look. The bottom line is what kind of person you are. You do not need to be a friend to everyone, but you must treat everyone with respect, ”Nick Vujicic said in his speech.

Nick Vujicic appealed to the young Odessa citizens to treat others the way they would like to be treated, noting that every word matters, every small step plays a role: “Many decisions need to be made in life, but the main thing is to make Ukraine even better. You are the ones who change the country. But you cannot change the country until you change the city, you cannot change the city until you change the school. Be true! ”

The mayor of Odesa Gennadiy Trukhanov thanked Nick Vujicic and expressed confidence that this meeting would be a turning point for many of those present in relation to themselves, others and people with disabilities.

I see that the words of Nick fell into the heart of every present, and I believe that this meeting will produce a result similar to the one that gives a stone thrown into the water - circles will go on the water. Everyone will take out from here the good that will be shared with their loved ones, and those in turn with share with their associates and so on. We want it to be fashionable in Odesa to be a kind and sympathetic person, ”said Gennadiy Trukhanov.


The meeting with the well-known motivational speaker Nick Vujicic was organized as part of the anti-bullying month. The UNICEF study notes that Ukraine is among the top ten European countries in terms of the prevalence of bullying among 11–15-year-old children. This problem was faced by 67% of Ukrainians aged between 11 and 17, almost a quarter of them were victims of harassment, and almost half of them did not tell anyone about these cases.







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