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/ Main / News / Odesa meets the Weeks of Germany

Placed: 18.10.2018 10:23:20

Odesa meets the Weeks of Germany

From October 19 to November 2 the “ Weeks of Germany ” will be held in Odesa: workshops and performances, concert of German music, an exhibition of paintings by ethnic Germans and a guided tour

From October 19 to November 2, 2018, the Weeks of Germany (Deutsche Wochen) will traditionally be held in Ukraine.
“The Weeks of Germany in Ukraine” have been organized in the fall of 2013 and are held annually.

For two weeks in Odesa wiil be held entertaining and informative events, the guests of the fest will have an opportunity to plunge into the world of German art and culture, German cinema and German music, travel by German-Ukrainian history and modernity.

The guests of the “Weeks of Germany in Ukraine” will be able to learn about educational opportunities and discover modern innovative Germany.

Among the planned events in Odesa will be: a workshop and the play “Theater of Improvisation” with Jörg Zander, a concert of German music, an exhibition of paintings by ethnic Germans, and a guided tour by German Odesa. 





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