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/ Main / News / Odessa was creatively presented at the international youth conference in Regensburg

Placed: 15.08.2018 14:03:17

Odessa was creatively presented at the international youth conference in Regensburg

Young Odessites presented their native city, got acquainted with sights, participated in workshops and talked with peers from other countries at the international conference in Regensburg

A group of pupils and two teachers from Odessa have visited the sister city of Regensburg (Federal Republic of Germany). The purpose of the trip was participation in the 2 International Youth Conference.

The conference was also attended by delegations of schoolchildren and students from the other sister cities of Regensburg: Budawar (Hungary), Clermont-Ferrar (France), Pilsen (Czech Republic), Qingdao (China), Brixen (Italy).

The participants of the conference were welcomed by the Mayor of Regensburg, Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer, the organizer of the conference, Rosemary Wörl, and the social educator - Barbara Humbs.

Participants of the conference were acquainted with the rules of participation and topics, on which it was supposed to prepare presentations, and were divided into teams by the method of drawing lots. The composition of each team was international.

Within the framework of the conference, young Odessites have creatively and thematically presented their native city. The pupils prepared a presentation, video, and sang a song about Odessa in German.

To get to know more about the national culture, traditions of the German city, the students were invited to the families of Regensburg citizens. Therefore, Odessa schoolchildren had an opportunity to communicate with their peers, exchange interesting information, learn more about the interests and views of the youth of another country.

Odessa citizens took part in thematic workshops: "Gender equality"; "Mass media and its impact on society"; "Human rights"; "Future prospects", "Democracy today and tomorrow", "Memoirs".

In addition, Odessa schoolchildren made a tour by the city of Regensburg and Bavaria, attended a concert of the group Redhead Gang.












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