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/ Main / News / Representatives of Israeli municipality got acquainted with Odessa

Placed: 02.08.2018 13:18:36

Representatives of Israeli municipality got acquainted with Odessa

40 representatives of Israeli municipality of Beit Shemesh got acquainted with experience of self-government as well as potential and sights of Odessa

Traditional meeting with Israeli delegation took place in Odessa City Council on August 1, 2018.

This time, 40 representatives of municipality of Beit Shemesh arrived in Odessa.
The purpose of the visit is familiarization with the experience of self-government in Odessa.
The program "Odessa 5T" (on projects being implemented in the city in various fields) was presented for Israeli guests.

Odessa was also presented to representatives of Israeli municipality as a year-round city where recreational, health, business, educational, gastronomic and medical tourism are developed.

Representative of Beit Shemesh municipality Israel Peretz noted that Odessa is an example of tolerance, peaceful and friendly policy.

At the end of the meeting, participants have exchanged memorable souvenirs.
The Israeli delegation had also gone on tour by Odessa, getting acquainted with the cultural potential of the city and its sights.




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