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/ Main / News / Marseille sister city will accept as a gift the tourist symbol of Odessa

Placed: 20.07.2018 09:07:59

Marseille sister city will accept as a gift the tourist symbol of Odessa

Vice-Mayor of Odessa Oles Yanchuk was on a working visit to the French sister city

From 14 to 20 of July 2018, Vice-Mayor of Odessa Oles Yanchuk was on a working visit to the French sister city Marseille. The purpose of the visit was implementation of agreements reached within the framework of the celebration of the 45th anniversary of sister-city relations between Odessa and Marseilles(the donation of the tourist symbol of Odessa as a gift).

During the working visit Oles Yanchuk held negotiations with the Vice Mayor of Marseille Jean Roatta, the Director for International and European Relations Frederick Olivo, responsible for the development of relations with Odessa, coordinator of the Directorate of International and European Relations of Marseille Joel Giordano, as well as the Head of the Department for the Development of Urban Space of Marseilles Francoise Vian and Head of Development and Coordination Department Elissa Baliard-Villalonga.

Having studied the documents given earlier by Odessa City Council, the French side expressed the readiness to accept and establish a tourist symbol of our city. The Marseille City Council presented six places for the installation of a tourist symbol.
The most suitable place for setting "Anchor Heart" was the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, in the central beach of the Prado - the favorite and often visited by the Marseilles place, where mass cultural and sporting events are constantly held.
The sides have discussed issues for donating a tourist symbol, technical details of the installation and further servicing of the facility, as well as set amount of time necessary for the project's implementation.

After signing all the necessary documents, the question of accepting the tourist symbol of Odessa was placed for consideration of Marseille Legislative Assembly, which will be held on October 8, 2018. The delegation of Odessa City Council was invited at the session as the guests of honor. After that, the sculpture "Anchor Heart" will be delivered to Marseille. The grand opening of the tourist symbol of Odessa "Anchor Heart" in Marseille is scheduled for early 2019.

During the visit, Vice Mayor Oles Yanchuk has highly appreciated the long-term fruitful cooperation between sister cities, which has been developing especially actively over the past few years. Oles Yanchuk handed the deputy Mayor of Marseille Jean Roatta a memorable album "Hello from Odessa", illustrating the history of development of our city, as well as miniature copies of the monument to one of the founders and the mayor of Odessa with French origin Duke de Richelieu and the tourist symbol "Anchor Heart".
The vice mayor of Odessa has also gave the Mayor of Marseille Jean-Claude Gaudin the official invitation of the mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov to visit Odessa during the celebration of the city's day in September this year.

During the visit Oles Yanchuk took part in the Marseille’s celebration of the national holiday of the Bastille Day. Vice mayor of Odessa has also participated in celebrations in honor of the French national football team, the winner of the World Cup 2018. Oles Yanchuk noted the high level of organization of the work of Marseille's municipal services during the mass events.

Vice-Mayor of Odessa has thanked the leadership of the French sister city for the support of the Franco-Ukrainian association "Marseille-Odessa" headed by the Ukrainian public figure Natalia Meyer-Dobrianskaia, as well as the entire Ukrainian Marseille’s Diaspora, which received a generous gift from the sister city's mayor's office - the building of the chapel of St. John the Hermit, in which the Ukrainian church will now be located - the only one in the south of France for now.

Reference: Implementation of the project on installation the tourist symbol of Odessa - "Anchor heart" in the sister-cities began in 2018. The first four art objects will be donated to cities: Istanbul, Marseille, Regensburg and Piraeus.






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