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/ Main / News / Odessa Film Festival-2018: «Safety Last!» today on Potemkin Stairs

Placed: 14.07.2018 14:48:50

Odessa Film Festival-2018: «Safety Last!» today on Potemkin Stairs

In the evening, an open-air cinema performance will take place on Potemkin Stairs. Legendary black and white tape "Safety Last!"  will be accompanied by a symphony orchestra

This year, the Odesa Film Festival will take place on July 13-21.

July 13, 2018 in Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater was held the grand opening of the IX Odessa International Film Festival (OIFF).

Traditionally, on the second day of the festival – July 14 – the Potemkin Stairs becomes a venue for an open-air cinematic performance. This is one of Europe’s largest open-air screenings, which attracts over 15 000 spectators every year from all around the world. This Summer, the festival-goers will have a chance to see the black-and-white film “Safety Last!” (1923), for which 2018 is an anniversary – the film directed by Sam Taylor and Fred С. Newmeyer was released 95 years ago. The main role in “Safety Last!” is performed by Harold Lloyd, who would have turned 125 years old this year.

During his life, Harold Lloyd starred in nearly 200 short and feature films. His first character was Lonesome Luke, but the most famous was the character of Harry, a bespectacled romantic. Harry is an ordinary boy from down the street – a little shy, a bit odd. Harry is the main character in “Safety Last!”. He comes to the big city in search of a better career, and starts working at a department store. However, success does not come to Harry immediately. Moreover, his girlfriend suddenly arrives to the city, which leads to unpredictable developments.

All the stunts in “Safety Last!” were performed by Harold Lloyd himself, and the moment where the actor hangs from the clock arrows high above the street is one of the most iconic images in the history of cinema. This shot was paid homage to in many films, in particular, in Robert Zemekis’ “Back to the Future”.

As traditionally, the screening on the Potemkin Stairs will be accompanied by a symphonic orchestra. In 1989, composer Carl Davis wrote a new accompaniment to “Safety Last!”. Carl Davis based his musical composition on the popular music of the 1920s, including the jazz arrangements by Paul Whiteman Band. His music brought new life to over 50 classic silent films, including “Ben-Hur” (1925), “City Lights” (1931), “Napoleon” (1927), and others. Carl Davis’ work as a film composer has been rewarded with many awards, among them four BAFTA and two Emmy awards.


Beginning at 21:30


Sourse: https://oiff.com.ua/en







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