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/ Main / News / The festival of electronic music Ostrov Festival will take place in Odessa

Placed: 26.06.2018 11:28:44

The festival of electronic music Ostrov Festival will take place in Odessa

From June 29 to July 1, the best tracks of electronic dance music by artists of national and world techno-scene will sound on the picturesque coast of Odessa

From June 29 to July 1, 2018, Ostrov Festival, the main format of which is electronic dance music, will be held in Odessa.

Ostrov fest unites creative youth, artists, musicians and representatives of creative industries. The festival follows the world standards of quality and the current trends in this industry.

This year, a musical event will take place on a beautiful wild beach of Odessa. The audience will see the performances by the best artists of national and world techno music. Several dance floors will be presented at the festival.

Over the five years of the Ostrov Festival’s history, more than 150 artists (including world-class stars) have visited this festival of electronic music.

The organizers of the festival care about the development of international tourism in Ukraine. For the second year there is a special action: guests from the other countries can get to the festival for free. The action is valid this year too.

Line-up of the festival:

- Nicole Moudaber
- Magda
- Mind Against
- Margaret Dygas
- Petre Inspirescu
- Radio Slave
- Guti (Live)
- Woo York (Live)
- Agents of Time
- Andre Buljat
- Cyrk (Live)
- Barac
- Piticu
- Gescu
- ARMA 17 (Abelle, Anushka, Ranishe Niyaak, Denis Kaznacheev, Andrey Zots)
- Qiev (Smailov, Koloah, PAHATAM, Stas Twee, Kolosova BerchY, Pledov, Adelina, Mamay, Joss, Hector Cooper, Yaroslav Lenzyak)
- Port showcase (YATE, Rayo, Eric, Kolford, Olga Korol, Vasil, Rustam, Domnitsa)
- The Room showcase (Lirity, Feelmark, Vlad Yaki, Denis Marshall, Vlad Jet, Herz & Nim).


September 7 - 8
"Oceanman Odessa-2019"

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