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/ Main / News / The flag of Europe was solemnly raised in Odessa. Picture story

Placed: 19.05.2018 17:28:54

The flag of Europe was solemnly raised in Odessa. Picture story

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov took part in the solemn ceremony of raising the flag of Europe on the Dumskaya Square. Photos

The Day of Europe in Ukraine - a holiday of common values and history of all nations of the continent – has been celebrated since 2003 on the third Saturday of May.

This year, a large-scale celebration of the Days of Europe in Odessa lasts for three days with participation of diplomatic missions.

On May 19, 2018 the solemn opening of the Day of Europe began with the raising the flag of the European Union on the Dumkaya Square.

"Today Odessa is in the epicenter of the Europe Day celebration. For one day, the map of our city became a map of the European Union! We have things to be proud of and tell about which. And the European slogan "Unity is in diversity" can rightly become the motto of Odessa ", - said the Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov, welcoming guests of the holiday.

Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa Konstyantyn Rzhepishevskyy thanked the leadership of Odessa City Council and diplomats for organizing the holiday: "This year Ukraine celebrates the Europe Day for 15 time and every year Odessa pleases with its approach to this holiday."

Welcoming the people gathered on the Dumskaya Square, the doyen of Diplomatic corps Emil Rapcea noted that Ukraine is geographical center of Europe, has an excellent economic and cultural potential, and plays an important role in the global development of not only Europe, but also the whole world. And Odessa, as the European city, is one of the important vectors of European development of Ukraine.

Celebrations continued with a festive concert in which creative teams presented the national dances of European countries.

For two days, the "Euro-city" organized by representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Odessa, with the presentation of the EU member states, will be working on Primorsky Boulevard.











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