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/ Main / News / The symbol of Odessa will be installed in the sister city of Regensburg. Photos

Placed: 19.04.2018 11:12:50

The symbol of Odessa will be installed in the sister city of Regensburg. Photos

During the working trip of the First Vice-Mayor of Odessa Anatoliy Orlovskiy to Regensburg was signed an agreement on improvement of the Regensburg square in Odessa with participation of the German side. Photos

Yesterday, on April 18, 2018, at the end of the first working meeting in Regensburg (Germany), the First Deputy Mayor of Odessa, Anatoliy Orlovskiy and representatives of sister city’s municipality signed an agreement on development of the Regensburg square garden in Odessa.
There were defined the goals and tasks that the parties need to fulfill for the further implementation of the project.

The First Vice-Mayor of Odessa has also visited one of the places in Regensburg, where the German side proposed to set the tourist symbol of Odessa - "Anchor Heart". The final installation place has is not been approved yet, it is planned to consider the other places, where the symbol of Odessa can be set.






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