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/ Main / News / The First Vice-Mayor of Odessa is on a working visit to the sister city of Regensburg. Photos

Placed: 18.04.2018 11:38:33

The First Vice-Mayor of Odessa is on a working visit to the sister city of Regensburg. Photos

Anatoliy Orlovskiy is on a working visit to Germany: in Odessa is planned to be constructed garden square "Regensburg", and in Regensburg - a memorable sign of Odessa the Anchor Heart. Video

Today, on April 18, 2018, the three-day working visit of the First Deputy Mayor of Odessa Anatoliy Orlovskiy to the sister city of Regensburg (Germany) continues.

Odessa delegation also consists of the head of the department of architecture and urban planning - the chief architect of the city Alexander Golovanov and the director of the communal enterprise "Gorzelentrest" Yunis Bayramov.

From the German side in the meetings with Odessa delegation took part: Gertrud Maltz-Schwarzfischer - the first vice-mayor of the city of Regensburg, Mr. Jürgen Huber - Vice Mayor responsible for departments looking after the gardens and parks, ecology, garbage recycling, cleaning streets and transport, Dmitry Shevchenko - Consul of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Munich and the other leaders of profile departments and offices of Regensburg.

During the visit it is planned to discuss two main issues: the improvement of the garden square in Odessa with the participation of the German side, which in the future will be called "Regensburg" and installation in the Danube Park (Donaupark) of Regensburg a memorable sign of Odessa - Anchor Heart.

Yesterday, on April 17, 2018, during the meeting, were discussed the further stages of work and preliminary design plan for the "Regensburg" square in Odessa.

In addition, representatives of the German side shared their experience in the process of improving parks, playgrounds, pedestrian areas and parking for bicycles. 








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