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/ Main / News / Odessa celebrates the Independence Day of Greece. Picture story

Placed: 28.03.2018 15:53:14

Odessa celebrates the Independence Day of Greece. Picture story

Over 800 residents of Odessa and representatives of the Greek Diaspora from various regions of Ukraine took part in the parade to the Independence Day of Greece. Picture story

Annually on March 25 the Greeks of the whole world celebrate the state holiday - the Independence Day of Greece.

On this day, the Greeks pay tribute to the heroes of the Revolution of 1821-1829, who liberated Greece from the 400-year-old Ottoman yoke. Odessa also played a huge role in the Greek revival. With the idea of independence, the Greeks gathered in Odessa on September 14, 1814 and composed the regulations of the secret society "Philiki Etairia", which could engage the entire Greek people to the revolution.

On March 27, 2018 the Greek Diaspora from different cities of Ukraine gathered in Odessa to take part in the celebration of the Independence Day of Greece.
The parade that gathered together more than 700 people, became the central event of the celebrations. The Greeks and Odessa residents passed from the Holy Trinity Cathedral to the Greek Square, where the ceremony of laying flowers to the monument "Philiki Etairia" was held.

The Mayor of Odessa also took part at a large-scale celebration of Independence Day of Greece in Odessa.

"Today I want to congratulate all of us on one more holiday - the anniversary of twinning with the Greek city of Piraeus. The corresponding agreement was signed 25 years ago on March 25. We have much in common, which undoubtedly gives impetus to the development of relations between the cities, "stressed Gennadiy Trukhanov.

The mayor of the city noted that many events are planned to be held in Odessa and Piraeus as part of the celebration of the anniversary.

Among them: a football match between the teams of Olympiacos (Greece) - Chernomorets (Ukraine), a bilateral exchange of schoolchildren’s delegations, cultural programs, the installation and opening of the tourist symbol of Odessa - "Anchor heart" on Odessa Square in Piraeus. And, of course, the opening of the Greek park in Odessa on the birthday of the city. This will be another place that ties Odessa with Greece: Greek culture, Odessa traditions and modern elements of improvement will be represented there.





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