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/ Main / News / Odessa became the leader of financial health in the rating of Ukrainian cities

Placed: 23.03.2018 13:30:35

Odessa became the leader of financial health in the rating of Ukrainian cities

Were determined the leaders of the rating of financial health of cities and regions in Ukraine: Odessa has demonstrated the highest level of financial health

The International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS, Ukraine), in cooperation with the Institute for Social and Economic Reforms (INEKO, Slovakia), within the framework of the project "Transparent, financially healthy and competitive local self-government bodies in Ukraine", with the support of the US Embassy have presented an updated rating of financial health of budgets of cities and regions Ukraine in the form of a web platform http://budgets.icps.com.ua/.

The portal contains more than 35,000 data on more than 73 municipalities. The experts have analyzed the revenue and expenditure parts of the cities’ budgets, official transfers, the specifics of lending and financing of their deficits.

The following indexes were included in the calculated financial indicators:
the basic balance, the basic balance per resident, the profit per resident, the dependence of the local budget on local taxes and fees, dependence on financial assistance, tax capacity, transfer stability, budget support, tax autonomy, budget implementation and overall debt.

According to the research, the highest level of financial health among the cities showed: Odessa (8.0 points out of 10 possible), Rivne (7.5) and Poltava (7.1).





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