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/ Main / News / Medical tourism is going to be developed in Odessa

Placed: 18.12.2017 12:51:04

Medical tourism is going to be developed in Odessa

The issues of development medical tourism and creation of a system for collection statistical data by objects of the tourist infrastructure of the city were discussed in Odessa City Council

A meeting of the working group on tourism development was held in Odessa City Council on December 13, 2017. The topical issues of tourism development in Odessa were discussed at the meeting.

The event was attended by deputies, representatives of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council, tourist business and medical institutions of the city.
The founder of the investment company Forrest Equity Management Mr. Devrazh gave a speach to the audience. The guest of honor offered the concept of tourism development in Odessa, which envisages investing in air travel, attracting Singapore airlines and building the largest exhibition center in Eastern Europe.

Adviser to the First Vice Prime Minister of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, President of Association "Tourism of Odessa" Ivan Liptuga and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Sports, Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council Oleg Etnarovich awarded Mr. Devrazh with Certificate of Ambassador for Foreign Investments «Odessa 5T».

It was noted at the meeting that medical tourism is one of the priorities for development of Odessa. As the director of department of culture and tourism of Odessa City Council said, there are enough clinics and sanatoriums in Odessa to promote this direction, which will attract a large tourist flow during the off-resort season.

Odessa has a great potential in the field of medical tourism. Development of this direction is also intended to contribute to creation of an information portal, where information on services and their cost will be provided. This question was also discussed at the meeting.







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