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/ Main / News / Mayors of the world will gather in Odessa in autumn 2018

Placed: 05.12.2017 11:05:23

Mayors of the world will gather in Odessa in autumn 2018

More than 300 specialists and mayors of the world's cities will continue work on developing methods for counteracting dangerous social phenomena

The Mayor of Odessa Gennadiy Trukhanov and executive director of the "Alliance of Public Health" Andrei Klepikov signed a number of Memorandums on cooperation in combating HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis on December 4, 2017.

The first memorandum is on continuation of cooperation with the International Charity Fund "Alliance of Public Health".

The second Memorandum is about holding the International Conference "City Health International" ("Healthy Cities"). This conference is held annually from 2012. In September 2018, more than three hundred specialists and mayors of the world's cities will gather in Odessa to work out a global position on counteracting dangerous social phenomena and develop factors that influence on healthy lifestyle of citizens.

Commenting on the participation of Odessa in the world movement "Healthy Cities", Gennadiy Trukhanov pointed that the problem of public health is a priority one for the city authorities. Therefore the city continues to expand cooperation with non-governmental organizations and adopt international experience. It's not just about modern methods of treating dangerous social diseases, but first of all about diagnosing and preventing diseases.

"The joint task of the municipal public partnership is to help understand and conduct the appropriate diagnostics for as many Odessites as possible. And help to cope with their status in case of detection of HIV" said Gennadiy Trukhanov.





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