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/ Main / News / The Greek park to be reconstructed in Odessa

Placed: 13.11.2017 12:19:54

The Greek park to be reconstructed in Odessa

A new place for rest - Greek Park will appear in the center of Odessa. Information on the done works and plans for reconstruction

The Greek park occupies the territory on the slopes of Primorsky Boulevard from Potemkin Stairs to the Teschin Bridge and has more than 34,000 sq.m area. There were conducted front-end engineering, calculation of slope stability and inspection of technical condition of the retaining walls before the start of improvement of the park. According to the received conclusions, the landslide zones in the given area are in the active phase and in endless motion. At the moment, the drainage system is being arranged to divert underground water into the city's general sewage system, as well as provided works on strengthening the slope. There have been set about 350 auger piles of the 700 planned ones.

At the same time, there are conducted works on arrangement of one of the stairs leading from Primorsky Boulevard to the upper terrace of the park.

According to the chairman of the city council on design, Odessa sculptor Mikhail Reva, the projects on improvement of the Greek park and the territory around the Vorontsov colonnade are being merged now into a single. The project on restoration of the building known in Odessa as the "fish restaurant" is also being developed. In the project were used the photos from the archive.

Improvement of the park involves arrangement of several walking terraces, creation of an open-air museum and several recreation areas. The park will be well lit and equipped with video surveillance.
The park can be accessed by two wide staircases leading from Primorsky Boulevard and from Istanbul Park through the passage under Potemkin Stairs. For convenience of mothers with carriages and people with disabilities an elevator will go down from Primorsky Boulevard to the top terrace. The lower part of the park will be equipped with parking spaces and another one entrance. Further improvement involves softscape taking into account the surface relief.

Reconstruction of the Greek park is carried out by representatives of Association of the Greek Entrepreneurs and Enterprises of Ukraine, who expressed their desire to act as patrons of the park's improvement. 





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