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About Odessa

Odessa city

Odessa city being the administrative center of the region of the same name with its over 1 mln. inhabitants population and satellite cities of Illyichevsk and Yuzhny is an important industrial and trading complex.

The city is situated on the Black sea north-western seashore on the trading routes from the Central and Northern Europe to the Close East and Asia crossing.  Developed highways network, city location near Danube, Dnestr, Southern Bug, and Dnepr rivers, as well as large seaports of Odessa, Illyichevsk and Yuzhny with Odessa international airport and railway create the unique favorable conditions for loads accepting, processing, saving and transporting and the powerful passenger flows processing.
Odessa economics is dominated by the establishments dealing with the sea business, and also the food and processing establishments of light industry. Odessa government offers its priority support to the industry branches aimed at different customers’ needs satisfaction. We also administrate the spheres of healthcare, education, housing building, city transport, culture, communal services, municipal property ground areas and realty sales. The City administration also deals with the business activity licensing.
Thanks to the beautiful sanatoriums, beaches and recreation complexes, Odessa attracts a lot of tourists, especially in summer. Tourist business is attractive and profitable.
Since Odessa has got a lot of educational establishments, theaters, museums, libraries and other cultural and educational profile establishments, the city is known all over the world and is considered to be both the economical and the cultural center of Ukraine.
But the city’s main treasure is its inhabitants. They have always been known for their business astuteness, initiative and tolerance. Odessa is the only city in Ukraine which has so many nations living in it and having really great relationships with each other. From their very childhood, the Odessites are being brought up in the atmosphere of hospitality, warm-heartiness and wicked humor, that’s why no feuds have ever happened and will ever happen here.
Odessa’s doors are always open for cultural and business cooperation!
Odessa – the Northern Black sea region economical center

Odessa is one of Ukraine’s economical centres which has a large sea port, developed industry, resort and recreation complex, transport, financial and social infrastructure. Odessa is mostly dealing with transport and external trade on the international labour division.
The city is situated on the Black sea north-western seashore on the trading routes from the Central and Northern Europe to the Close East and Asia crossing. The international transport route #9, which connects Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece, passes through Odessa.

Odessa city port is the largest one in Ukraine: it has the power of 20 mln. Load tons a year, the total shoreline length of 8 km, accepts the vessels of up to 250 m length and up to 12.5 m waterline. The port transport lines are connected with over 600 ports of 100 world countries. There are ferry crossings connecting Odessa port with Turkey and Greece. According to the common classification parameters, the port is considered to belong to the largest ones class, has the international category and the active load turnaround and is the polifunctional type trading port. According to “About the special (free) Porto-Franco economical zone” law of Ukraine, a free economical zone, where the economical activity subjects have got the special term tax regime, is created on Odessa sea trading port territory.
The railroad, automobile, aviation and pipe transport are developed in the city of Odessa as well.
Odessa is the Ukraine’s only fully formed local territorial manufacture complex and an industrial center. The city’s industrial production manufacture structure is mostly dominated by the food industry, machine building and metal processing, oil industry, black metallurgy, building materials industry, chemical, oil-chemical, light and medicine industry establishments.
The city has an International Airports, which is one of the Ukraine’s largest ones, and its airlines are connected with many cities of Ukraine, CIS, and the countries of the Western Europe, Asia and Africa as well.  Considering Odessa’s profitable geographical location as the Euro-Asian airlines crossing, powerful transport center, as well as the world leading expert companies’ making their predictions of the passenger and load aviation transportations increase, the Airport is supposed to be reequipped to meet the international demands. According to Ukraine Cabinet of ministers’ decree, the airport is handed into the city’s communal property.

In Odessa, there are the National Bank of Ukraine branch, over 30 commercial banks, including the branches and depts, 27 insurance companies and their branches, Ukraine fund stock-exchange branch.
In comparison to the other cities of Ukraine, Odessa has started its business development way much earlier, and has achieved great results in trading.  The ancient traditions of Odessa city as Ukraine’s south trading center have actively developed in this sphere.

There are over 467 foreign capital joint ventures in the city. The President’s “About the ground areas of non-agricultural destination sale” decree, which allows the investors to purchase the establishments together with the ground they are located on, was an important step in the favorable investment climate creating. The city administration is also considering providing the investors with the special terms taxes.  We are also ready to provide the municipal guarantees of returning credits destined for financing projects of high importance for the city development.
The city is ready for wide mutually profitable cooperation in every sphere. The greatest assistance will be delivered to the business activity subjects realizing the projects in the following branches:
• residential realty building;
• creating new establishments of food and processing manufacture and reconstructing the old ones;
• tourism development;
• city water- and heat-supply systems modernization;
• energy-saving technologies introduction.

Such cooperation is possible mostly on the level of establishments and firms. The cooperation itself may be coordinated and improved by Odessa city council Investment policy dept. Here, one can get the necessary information on one’s queries and establish the contacts with the according city organizations, establishments and depts. 



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