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Material aid to the people having been at war and being in the Nazi’s captivity

“Rapport and Reconciliation” Ukrainian Fundaddresses to the citizens with a request to inform their relatives and acquaintances having been at the WWII and being in the Nazi’s captivity of their having a right to gain material aid from the German side.
The documents are to be sent to the following address:
“Rapport and Reconciliation” UNF, 15, Frunze str., Kiev city, 04080.
Contact phone: +38 (044) 462-48-22.
As is announced by the Fund, “Contacts-Contacts” Berlin Voluntary Organization gathers donation among the FRG for the former convicts living in Ukraine at the time being. These citizens haven’t been receiving payments from the German “Memory, Responsibility and Future” Fund since the Laws of FRG defined that the prisoners of war do not have rights for the compensational payment not reckoning with their having been used at the hardest slavery work.
The Fund gathers the following documents necessary for material aid setting:
application for material aid setting in arbitrary form;
copy of one’s military card or another document verifying the fact of being in the captivity;
copy of one’s passport (1st, 2nd and 11th pages);
one’s memories of the things experienced in the captivity;
photo (non-obligatory).
The gratuity (€ 300) is destined for the living victims and is being paid out in proportion as the means are delivered from Germany.

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