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Results of the Intercultural Cities Index

The signing of Memorandum on the accession of Odessa to the National Intercultural Cities Network (ICC-UA), which operates within the framework of the international program of intercultural cities of the Council of Europe (ICC), took place in Odessa City Council within the framework of the international tourist week which was held on April 18, 2017. 

The ICC program supports intercultural cities in developing strategies and mechanisms for managing ethno-cultural diversity and intercultural integration. 

One of the first stages of cooperation was the calculation of the intercultural index of cities by filling out a questionnaire, which was held in August 2017. The questionnaire was formed by the experts of the program and shows how a certain city meets the standards of interculturality. 

Based on the results of the questionnaire analysis, Odessa was positioned: 

• 17th among the 93 cities in the sample, with an aggregate intercultural city index of 70% (after Oslo (85%), Barcelona (72%), Dortmund (71%); 

• 12th among cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants being ahead of Lisbon, Lublin and Strasbourg; 

• 13th place - among cities with more than 15% of foreign-born residents, being ahead of Munich, Rotterdam and Bergen. 

According to the analysis of the questionnaire all the districts of Odessa attract people of different cultures, there are no ethnically divided regions in the city. 

The city also plays an important role in supporting intercultural integration in a number of trade, economic, social and cultural activities (at local, national and international levels) and partnerships with various ethno-cultural groups, centers, associations and enterprises. 

Participation in the ICC program provides an opportunity to expand the range of international relations, to use resources, expert support, advice and know-how of European and national networks; to declare the status of Odessa, work on the development of social and cultural spheres at the level of all European states and 121 cities participating in the Program, among such cities as Paris, Tokyo, Barcelona and Oslo. 


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