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Liverpool (Great Britain)

United Kingdom
of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Political system: Constitutional monarchy.
Religion: the dominating religion is Protestantism. Two churches are officially recognized: Anglican Church in England and Presbyterian in Scotland. There are no official religions in Wales and Northern Ireland; the majority of Irishmen are Catholics. Many Muslims live in the United Kingdom – one of the most numerous diasporas in Western Europe.
Official language: English.
Currency: pound sterling.
National holiday: the Queen’s Birthday (traditionally, the 2nd Saturday of June).


The city is known from the twelfth century, the traces of first settlements on the banks of the Mersey River belong to this period. On the 28th of August, 1207, king John Lackland granted the charter to this fishermen village. In Stuarts’ time no more than 1000 people lived here, but in XVII-XVIII centuries due to its coastal location and slave-trade the city had developed rapidly. In 1715 first docks were established stretching along the banks of the Mersey River for 11 kilometers.
Area: 111, 84 sq. km.
Population: 440 thousand.
For a long period Liverpool has been the second largest British port (after London). The port supplies the whole country with imported cotton, grain, wool, rubber; huge floating docks are situated here. The most developed sectors are service sector, both public and private. Tourism is a major factor in the economy and will be of increasing importance in the run up to the Liverpool's year as European Capital of Culture. Liverpool’s economy is one of the UK's fastest growing ones.
Liverpool is the hometown of the legendary Beatles band. The city is famous for its wonderful symphony orchestra and universities. Its citizens are fond of sports; there is an excellent football team, important national obstacle-races and youth competitions are held regularly.
The guests are proposed to visit 12 museums all-year-round, for instance, Merseyside Maritime Museum, World Museum, the Conservation Centre, Tate Liverpool, and also the Museum of Liverpool will be opened in 2010. There is a Neo-Gothic Anglican cathedral with a 100 meters high bell-tower in the southern part of the city. This Anglican cathedral is the largest in the world.
Liverpool, as well as Odessa is a member of Eurocities international organization.
Liverpool will be the European Capital of Culture in 2008.
The City Day is 28th of August (as it was founded on the 28th of August 1297). In 2007 its 800th anniversary was celebrated.
Lord Mayor (Councilor) of Liverpool – Mr. Paul Clark.

The Twinning Agreement was signed in 1957. 



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