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/ Main / International cooperation / Twin Cities / Szeged


Szeged (Hungary)

Political system - parliamentary republic
Religion - Catholics – 67 %, Protestants (mainly Lutherans and Genevans) – 25%, Jews.
Official language - Hungarian.
Currency - Hungarian forint (HUF).
National holiday – St. Stephen’s Day (20th of August).
Szeged – a town situated in southern Hungary near the Yugoslavian border on the Tisa river close to the Marosh river creek. Town of Csongrád county. Szeged is an important railway junction and river port, economic and cultural centre of south-western Hungary.
Population – 200 thousands. 
Area – 280.84 km².
History. Szeged is 800 years old. First mentioned in the document dated 1183. City’s second name is «the sunny town» since it has the largest amount of sun days in the country – about 300 per year.
Textile (cotton, wool, flax, silk, knitting), food, tobacco, tanning, shoe, woodworking industries are developed in the town; there are also garment factories, metal-working enterprises and a shipyard. Mechanical rubber goods and gas-treating plants exploit local gas fields and oilfields.
In the city there is a University of Szeged, which includes Medical and Pedagogical Institutes. A Theater festival is organized annually. Szeged has many names. It is called «the paprika (pepper) town», as world-famous red pepper is cultivated here. It is also known as the «school town» because Hungarian youth have been studying here for ages.
Mayor of Szeged: Laszlo Botka (next elections will be held in October 2010).
Twinning agreement between Szeged and Odessa was concluded in 1961.
City day – 21stof May.


Szeged has a university,

which has medical and pedagogical institutes.




(Book storage)
There are lots of unique manuscripts in the library, including the Russian and Ukrainian ones.
(Reading room)
There is a relic in the library: "Slavian comparative dictionary of all languages and dialects" (1787), which has translations into 200 world languages. Catherine the Great sent this book abrad in only 40 issues.

«Ancient Russian history" since the bery beginning of the Russian folk till the death of prince Yaroslav I (1054), issued by Lomonosov in 1766.
The first Czech Holy Bible (1715).
The library saves wonderful stories of every book of a kind and its former owners.





A theatrical festival in held annually.


 Wine festival 2006









 Franciscaner chapel (XV - XVI century)








The whole Szeged city dictrict is called in honor of Odessa sister city.





Year 2006. Szeged mayor Laszlo Botka
 Year 2006. Szeged deputy mayor Szandor Nagi
 Mayor's speech in the City council

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