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Piraeus (Greece)

Hellenic Republic

Political system: Republic. Head of state – the President. Head of government – the Prime Minister.
Official language: modern Greek.
Religion: 97 % - Orthodox. The rest are Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims.
Currency: Euro (EUR).
National holiday: Day of Independence – May 25 (1821).


Piraeus (Greek: Πειραιάς) is situated on the north-eastern coast of the Aegean Sea at a distance of several kilometres from Athens. The largest passenger port of Europe.
Population: 175 thousand.
Area: 11 km².
History. Piraeus has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. In 5th c. BC it turned to a military harbour, the major Athenian port. In the end of the 5th c. BC after being defeated in the Peloponnesian Wars it was destroyed and in the
4th c. BC the city was rebuilt from bottom up.
Seized by the Roman Empire, Piraeus was suffering a decline. And finally the destruction brought by Goths invasion completed in the 4th c. AD and throw the city back in its development far behind from Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire to which Piraeus belonged. In the 15th c. Piraeus was seized by the Turks and became the part of the Ottoman Empire. It was also given a new name – Aslan Liman (“the Lion’s Port”).
The city acquired its present image after the Athens was proclaimed the capital of independent Hellenic Republic in 1832. Nowadays it is the leading national port, industrial and trade center. Machinery, chemical, concrete, paper, tobacco, textile and food industry are well developed.
Piraeus is the member of the International Black Sea Club.

Mayor of Piraeus – Mr. Panagiotis Fasoulas (the forthcoming elections will be held in October, 2010).

The Twinning Agreement was concluded on the 25th of March, 1993. On behalf of Odessa it was signed by Mr. Leonid Chernega, Head of Executive Committee of Odessa City Council, on behalf of Piraeus – by Mr. Stelios Logothetis, Mayor of the city.


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