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/ Main / International cooperation / Twin Cities / Genoa


Genoa (Italy)



         Political system: parliamentary republic headed by President
         Official language: Italian
         Religion: mostly Catholic
         Currency: Euro (from January the 1st  2002), 1 Euro is equal to 100 Euro-cent
Genoa (it. Genova, anc. name Zena) - a sea port in the Northern Italy, capital city of the Genoa province and of the historical region Liguria; located on the shore of the Genoa gulf of the Ligurian Sea and stretches 35 km along the Italian shore from Voltri to Nervi. It is a historical maritime city and the largest port of Italy. The city divides Liguria into two parts: Riviera Ponente and Riviera Levante, where wonderful beaches are situated. The city’s population is more than 620300 people (by the census of 01.01.2006),  making it the sixth largest city in Italy.
Genoa was founded by one of Ligurian tribes about 2500 years ago. In Ancient times a Greek colony was situated here - remains of Greek burial places of the IV century B.C. are found in Genoa. In 209 B.C. the colony was destroyed by Carthaginian troops commanded by Hasdrubal, the brother of Hannibal . During the Punic wars Genoa fought on the Roma’s side. After the fall of The Roman Empire the area was conquered by Ostgoths and later by Langobards. In the beginning of the twelfth century Genoa becomes an independent city-state. Though de jure Genoa recognized the power of the Emperor and of the Bishop of the Holy Roman Empire, in fact it was governed by the council of elected consuls. Together with Venice and other cities it was a “Marine Republic” (Repubblica Marinara); it had developed trade, shipbuilding industry, banking system, etc. It also had a number of colonies.
Ancient palaces preserved here, which, accompanied by the busy life of the port city, complete the unique charm of the modern-day Genoa. Due to the peculiarities of its planning, numerous gardens, parks and picturesque views, Genoa is one of the most attractive cities in Italy. A lot of tourists with children visit “Aquarium”, the largest marine zoo in Europe, being located here.
Mayor of Genova: Dott. Giuseppe Pericu (next elections of the Mayor will be in June 2007)
First contacts between the cities were set in 1957. The first friendship Agreement was concluded between Odessa and Genoa on October 29th, 1972 (signed by the chairman of the Executive committee of the Odessa city council V. Shurko and Mayor of Genoa Giancarlo Piombino), and confirmed on July 3rd, 1979 (signed by the chairman of the Executive committee of the Odessa Council A. Malykhin and Mayor of Genoa F. Cerofolini). Agreement on development of twinning relations between the sister cities Odessa and Genoa was concluded on September 3rd, 2006. From the side of Odessa it was signed by Mayor Eduard Gurvits and from the part of Genoa – by the First Deputy of Mayor Mario Margini. In the past the main collaboration was in cultural sphere and medicine, now, with the new agreement, the basis for active multisided cooperation was laid.
Representatives of the Italian Embassy headed by the Consulate Correspondent work in Odessa; beginning from January 2006 Honorary Consulate of Ukraine carries on fruitful activities in Genoa. One of Odessa’s streets was named in honour of Genoa (Genuezskaya str.), as well as in Genoa there is Odessa street (Via Odessa).

Traditions of friendship between the Ukrainian and Italian city-ports were laid in 1957 with the first contacts and then in the 1970s when the first twinning agreement was signed. Today, the opportunities of twinning relations between the cities have essentially been enlarged - the Parties have agreed to develop links in the fields of culture, education, economic cooperation, city economy, tourism, etc. The Parties have confidence that this agreement will mark a new period in the development of multilateral and mutually profitable collaboration between the two cities. And this is regarded as an important factor of implementation of new political goals within the relations between Ukraine and European Union.

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