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Vancouver (Canada)


Political system – Parliamentary democracy and Federal constitutional monarchy. Head of the state is the queen of Great Britain represented by a general governor. Legislative body – parliament of two houses (the Senate, House of Commons)
Principal religions: Catholics (45%), Protestants (36%)
Official language: English, French
Currency: Canadian dollar (CAD)
National holiday: 1 July – Day of Canada (1867)


Vancouver is a coastal city and major seaport, located on the mainland of southwestern British Columbia, Canada. It is the third most populated city after Montreal and Toronto, consisting of 13 municipal districts.
Population: 600, 000 people
History: Archaeological evidence shows that coastal Indians had settled the Vancouver area by 500 B.C. British naval captain George Vancouver explored the area in 1792. Vancouver was founded as a sawmill settlement called Granville in the 1870s. The city was incorporated in 1886 and renamed after Captain Vancouver. By June 1886 there were more than 1000 inhabitants and 600 buildings.
In 1891 tram communication was established between Vancouver and New-Westminster. In 1899 first car came to Vancouver and in 1907 first gas station was opened.
The city is a gate to the Far East for the whole country. Vancouver is a mix of such civilizations like Northern American, Indian, Asian and European, each of them can be seen in the architectural ensemble of the city. Vancouver won the right to stage the Winter Olympic Games in 2010.
Economy: As the main western terminus of Canada's transcontinental highway and rail routes, Vancouver is the primary city of western Canada, as well as one of the nation's largest industrial centers.
The port of Vancouver is Canada's largest and most diversified port, trading more than $43 billion in goods with more than 90 trading economies annually. Port activities generate 62,200 jobs. The Port of Vancouver is North America's gateway for Asia-Pacific trade.
Vancouver's Central Area has 60 per cent of the region's office space and is home to headquarters of forest products and mining companies as well as branches of national and international banks, accounting and law firms. In recent years, Vancouver has expanded as a centre for software development and biotechnology, while film studios and the streets provide a backdrop for the developing film industry. Two of the Port of Vancouver's container docks are located in the city. The Fraser River has barge and log traffic serving forestry and other water related industries. Around 1,800 acres of industrial land provide an important range of support services, manufacturing and wholesale premises for businesses throughout the city and region.
Vancouver is a major tourist destination. In addition to the city's scenic location, visitors enjoy beautiful gardens and world-famous Stanley Park, one of more than 180 city parks, and a combination of natural forest and parklands near the city center.
Vancouver International Airport is Canada's second busiest airport and the second largest international passenger gateway on the west coast of North America.
The city of Vancouver is a member of ICLEI international organization.
City Day – April 6 (1886)
Mayor – Mr. Sam Sullivan.
Friendship relations between Odessa and Vancouver were established in 1971.
The ‘sister cities’ agreement between Odessa and Vancouver was signed on August 6th, 1979, by representative of Odessa City Council, Mr. A.N.Malikhin and Vancouver Mayor, Mr. D.Volrich.


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