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Alexandria (Egypt)

Arab Republic of Egypt

Political system - presidential republic with elements of parliamentarism. According to the Constitution the President is given almost unlimited privileges, freedom of press and political parties’ activity is proclaimed.
Religion - 90 % - Islam, 8 % - Christianity.
Official language - Arabic.
Currency - Egyptian pound (EGP).
National holiday - Day of Revolution (23rd of July).


Alexandria (Arabic Al-Iskanderiya) - Mediterranean Sea port located on the northern coast of Egypt, important transport, commercial and industrial centre.
Population – 3,5 million.
Area – 100 km².
History. Alexandria was founded in 322 B.C. by Alexander the Great in the place of the small fisherman's townlet of Rhakotis. During the Graeco-Roman period of Egypt’s history the city was a capital of the country and the major international trade and cultural center, the center of Hellenistic world’s cultural life. Alexandria is famous for its ancient library with more then 500 thousands of books and for the Pharos lighthouse, which has been one of the seven world wonders. History of the city’s foundation is described in numerous different antique documents.
Today Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt and a major Mediterranean Sea trade port with a large-scale turnover of goods. 70-75 % of export-import cargoes of Egypt are handled here. There is an International Al Nozha Airport in Alexandria.
Alexandria’s commercial production makes 40 % of the national turnover, in some other branches of production it’s even higher. Several major petroleum refineries and petroleum chemical plants, textile, food, metallurgical and chemicals plants, tanneries, carpentries, household appliances production and assembling plants are located here. The most important are the plant of nitric fertilizers in Abu-Kir, Oil Company of Alexandria, “Al-Amria” Company, National metallurgical company, tyre factory. About 200 firms specializing in metal working, food, chemical industry, production of hardware, etc., are functioning in industrial zone of Burgh-Al-Arab (60 km to the south-west of Alexandria). Farming industry is also developed well enough.
Regional office of World Health Organization, stock exchange, north command headquarters, 40 foreign consulates, the third largest country’s Alexandria University (16 faculties, 90 thousands of students), the only one Middle-Eastern Arab Sea Transport Academy, a number of colleges and institutes with European system of education, several tens of cinemas, 8 theatres, 20 clubs, 8 museums, 4 large parks are situated in Alexandria. There are 8 foreign cultural centers in Alexandria. International conferences and exhibitions are organized in Alexandria.

The twinning agreement between Odessa and Alexandria was signed in 1968.

Governor of Alexandria: General Adel Labib. 




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