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/ Main / Announcements / On September 2, 2009, Odessa became 215 years old

On September 2, 2009, Odessa became 215 years old

All picture stories
of Odessa‘s 215th Birthday

Great festive program is dated to Odessa’s 215th Birthday on September 2. It includes rock fest, art exhibitions, music concerts etc.
On September 1, carnival march was held at Odessa’s Deribasovskaya Street and street theater performances were held at Theater Square.
Honorary Decorations festively handed in on occasion of Odessa’s Birthday
International caricature exhibition is held at Dumskaya Square in honor of Odessa’s Birthday.
Traditional chess tournament was held in Odessa at the City Day
 «Ivanois» yacht sailed off for a world tour in honor of Odessa’s 215th Birthday
 Traditional flowers exhibition dated for Odessa’s Birthday held
Festive firework was held at Odessa’s 215th anniversary on September 2, 2009.
  Odessa is 215 years old. Flowers exhibition at Primorskiy boulevard, «Boulevard Newspaper» near Duke.
«We and Granny Together» Fest for little citizens of Odessa held
Grand «To Odessa – with Love and Smile» dramatized fest was held near Opera Theater.
  Odessa is 215 years old! Knightly tournaments at the city’s Birthday
Odessa represented at the International virtual panoramic photos project with 215 photos

September 7 - 8
"Oceanman Odessa-2019"

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