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December 11 - February 20
exhibition «Antique Doll»

Collection of more than a dozen antique dolls, children's board games, miniature furniture and utensils, musical instruments, lace and accessories of the XIX century for the first time will be presented in the exhibition hall of the Odessa Municipal A.Bleshchunov Personal Collections Museum on December 11, 2015 at 15:00. 

In the XIX century, most dolls presented at the exhibition, were designed for children to play. These toys were available only for wealthy families. The dolls’ faces are made of unglazed porcelain, their bodies - of kidskin, stuffed with horsehair and sawdust, or in the technique, similar to papier-mache, some parts of dolls were wooden. 

The exhibition also includes so-called lady-doll: it served as a model in miniature and advertised in fashionable styles of sewing in the ateliers and clothing stores. A small sample showed the style of full-length dress that lady could buy for herself in the smallest details. 

Special attention is given to a rare collection of mini-ballroom decorations, made from the finest lace and cardboard. In the XIX century dances were the main entertainment and communication for the majority of citizens, and the most beloved and intriguing ballroom dancing was cotillion -dance game, which combines movements from different dances and used a variety of accessories. 

The exhibition will run until February 20, 2016 


September 7 - 8
"Oceanman Odessa-2019"

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